2071: Fiction is invading reality

(and not in a good way)

Lona’s taking a gentle working holiday from her job with the mob. Translating a set of ancient Celtic tales at a remote Welsh college will soothe her tattered sanity.


When the hauntings begin she gets jittery. Then people start dying. The intrusions take a nastier turn. And they’re getting digital.

Can Lona discover the secrets of this creepy old place and its medieval manuscript before she becomes the next victim? No one understands the stories like she does and no one is as hardass as she is. So everything depends on her.

In a world of religion and digital surveillance, Lona and her friends must tread carefully. In and out of a virtual world, they struggle to track down the killer and prevent more mayhem. But what chance have a bunch of historians, students and techies got against these kind of odds? Even with a couple of sorcerors to help them?

Their quest to save their sanity, their reality and their lives takes them through illegal Pagan camps, Roman mystery cults and into the very bad books of the shadowy Faith Police.

Can they save the day and return mythology to its place in the story books?

Synthetic takes a darkly humorous look at religion and the magical quality of stories. A tense dystopian fantasy, it questions what it means to be human in an increasingly digital world.

You’ll love this genre-bending dystopian tale because everyone enjoys quirky humour and unruly stories.

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‘…Highly entertaining and thought provoking … the robot “direwolf” was a nice touch, too.’ Frank, goodreads 5 star review.
‘an imaginative and twisted journey into the future’, 5 star review.
‘Superb … and some good jokes.’ Phil, goodreads 5 star review.
‘really unusual futuristic story … lots of twists and turns.’ 5 star review.
‘SO impressed … thoroughly enjoyed it … I’m looking out for more from Cat Thomas.’ Sylvia, goodreads 5 star review.

Fans of The Handmaids Tale, The Power or Station 11 will revel in this new version of a dystopian future. Anyone who enjoys books by Neal Stephenson, Douglas Adams or Jasper Fforde will love the quirky satirical humour. And anyone who misses Torchwood will will adore it.

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