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COVER Haunting of Abney Height ebook.jpg

The Haunting
of Abney Heights

An old asylum, a hidden diary and a secret that casts long shadows...

When Meg returns to London, she knows she’ll be facing ghosts from her own troubled past.

She doesn’t expect to be so unsettled by the place where she’s staying…even if is a former asylum.

Investigating the mysterious deaths of two asylum patients, Meg discovers an intriguing Edwardian world of steampunk spiritualism, genteel gay romance and radical therapies. Digging deeper, she begins to realise something evil lurked behind the asylum’s liberal façade.

Did the patients find out? Was that why they were killed?

Deciphering a coded document takes her nearer the heart of the asylum’s secrets and reveals shocking truths about Meg’s own life. Her grip on reality crumbles as the dark Edwardian past begins to overtake her.

Can she survive the damaging path to the final piece of the puzzle?

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