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Cat Thomas writes Gothic tales, spooky sci-fi and other twisted fiction. Her latest novel, The Haunting of Abney Heights, was published in 2022.

Set in contemporary East London, with a dual storyline in an Edwardian asylum, The Haunting of Abney Heights is a spooky mystery. It explores issues of gentrification and the identity of place. When the physical past is altered, what ghosts are raised?

Her debut novel, Synthetic, was published in 2019. Set in the near future, Synthetic explores how a hyper-religious society might leverage technology. How might surveillance operate in a world where everyone is digitally augmented? How would it be evaded? Most importantly, how would it change our sense of self? An entertaining sci-fi/Celtic folklore crossover, this novel also considers what it means to be human in a synthetic world.

Cat grew up in in the South Wales Marches and  lives in Hackney, London, UK.

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